Creativity and Visual Communication

Learn about creative communication

This survey course focuses on the changes that took place in the past 75 years in visual communication both conceptually and technologically. The seminar will include the examination of what makes a message effective and memorable, along with the study of cultural differences and comparisons between universal message solutions.

The seminar will examine the historical framework of the study of creative human potential and examine the work of some of the major researchers. Participants will identify, discuss and compare the many different theories including the definitions, stages of creativity, the creative process, and creative personality studies. In depth examination of the creative process and its' application to the field of visual communication will be discussed along with teaching and learning techniques of creative problem-solving. The course will examine the effects of technology on visual communication, including the effective use of Web and new media techniques. This course may also be offered via distance learning. Pass/No Pass Option.

Class Information

  • This class consists of 3 units of lecture
  • Advisories/Prerequisites: Consult current catalog
  • Acceptable for credit: University of California, California State University


"I learned so many new skills, and really got better at using the ones I already knew. It amazes me how much you can learn in just one semester."

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