Scott Brunson

Scott Brunson, Chef Instructor
After five years each working in Electronic Manufacturing and Liquefied Gasses Scott made a decision to go to the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, CA. It was a very smart decision since it allowed him to pursue a career that he could really love. Scott was the top grade point student in the entire class of 78 students. This required not only cooking and pastry skills but service, management, food chemistry, and general culinary knowledge as well. Scott began my career as a baker in Los Gatos CA working for a small independent bakery called the Icing on the Cake in January of 1990. After working for one year and four months and receiving several raises Scott made the decision to move my career forward by entering the world of corporate catering. Scott took a job as a grill cook working for Canteen Corp. at Digital Equipment Corp in Cupertino, CA. After three months Scott was promoted to lead cook. In another six months Scott transferred to a much larger account GTE in Mountain View CA. and given the title of executive Chef for the first time. Later Canteen made him a Chef Manager and he was given my own account to manage at UTC in San Jose.
When he attended the CCA he was given the nickname “the professor” due to his extensive knowledge of food, wine, and science by my fellow students. This clued me into the possibility of becoming a teacher. As a youngster growing up teaching was one of the careers he considered along with marine biologist and park ranger. Scott taught at OICW for eight and a half years and really enjoyed teaching as a career. In 1999 he started working part time teaching the basic food preparation class at Mission College. He applied for and secured a full time position in 2000.
At Mission College he teaches mostly hands on food preparation and baking classes and also teaches the 2 wine classes; introduction to wines and spirits and wine and food pairing class.