Katrina Morkner, MA

Introduction, Cost Control, Hospitality Sales and Marketing
Katrina MorknerChef Katrina Morkner has been in the early care and educational field since 2003 as both a professional chef and an educator. As chef to the PACCC family of children, she created a healthy, ethnically diverse, and organically rich lunch program. Then, she served as the Bon Appétit chef to the Google family of children where she created and implemented an integrated food program that is local, seasonal, nutrient dense, and organically rich. With more than 1,000,000 meals behind her, she is a recognized expert on feeding infants, toddlers, preschoolers—and those who care for them.
In the winter of 2015, Katrina began teaching at Mission College as an associate faculty chef instructor in the Hospitality Management Department. 
In 2010, Katrina began her early childhood nutrition consulting work.  Her unique background allows her to effectively develop this type of cross-disciplinary curriculum and train of educators on its implementation in their schools. In addition to food curriculum, she also helps schools and administrators develop and implement site-wide food policies and nutrition plans. 
A popular presenter, Katrina speaks at professional conferences and gives talks to educators. Her ongoing parent education talks cover a variety of topics, including creating healthy lunches, family food traditions, and how parents can build healthy eating habits.
Katrina completed her MA at Mills College School of Education in the Early Childhood Leadership Program in 2011. While at Mills she created a model for obesity prevention in early learning.