Engineering Internships

Engineering Internship Opportunities
Tech Museum of Innovation 

application deadline March 31, 2017

Comprehensive sites with search capabilities

Pathways To Science


Link to corporations that typically have internships


(Bioengineering, Environmental, IT, Software)


Software Engineering and CS

Linear Technology

(Electrical Engineering)

See Kate Disney

NASA Ames Community College Education and Development Program


(Primarily EE, IT, and Software)




Systems Engr

Applied Materials

NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates: Community College Cultivation Cohort (C4) at USC

(Focus is on research of the Earth's largest biome; the subseafloor)

Transfer-To-Excellence (TTE) Summer Research Program at UC Berkeley

(Biotech, Nanotechnology, Robotics)

Link to Flyer

Research Experience for Undergraduates at CSU Monterey Bay

(Ocean Engineering, Robotics, Marine Bio, Oceanography, Marine Geology, Ecology)

Code 2040

(Computer Engineering and CS Majors)

Targetting Black and Latinx college students who want to learn to code!

National Science Foundation List of REU Sites - Search by Discipline for nationwide opportunities.

Summer Research at the US Dept. of Homeland Security

(All STEM)

UC Davis Prep Medico

For students interested in becoming medical doctors

Caltech WAVE Program

(Sophmores interested in eventually doing reserach & getting a PhD)

National Institutes of Health - Community College Summer Internship Program in Biomedical Research

US Department of Energy Internships for Community College Students

Internships in China