Mission College Counseling

Special Notices

Winter & Spring 2018 class registration - error messages: If you have encountered a registration error message that contains any of the following phrases or words, begin with the Counseling Office. For any other issues with registration, begin at  Admissions & Records , E1-501.

-Your registration date is in the year 2099
-Academic Standing
-Closed section
-Co-requisite required
-Maximum hours exceed
-Prerequisite and test score
-Cohort restriction
-Repeat hours
-Time conflict

Grade and/or Transcript errors: The campus recently migrated to a new student information system (from Datatel to Banner, Summer 2017). If you have an error with your grades or transcript, please contact Admissions & Records, E1-501.

Welcome to Counseling!
  • Counseling is available to assist students with academic, transfer, career and personal issues. 
  • Services are available on a walk-in basis or by private appointment (see chart below).
  • Counseling classes can also assist students in making career and educational decisions, enhancing study skills, and staying motivated.
  • Degree, transfer or certificate seeking students are encouraged to meet with a counselor for an educational plan by the time they have completed three semesters or 15 units.
Walk-in verses Appointments

  Walk-in services

    • Assistance with course selection
    • Review assessment test results
    • Transfer advising
    • Petition to drop without a “W”
    • Petition for a refund
    • Petition for academic renewal
    • Petition for reinstatement
    • Request to enroll in more than 18.0 units
    • Crisis intervention
    • Probation advising
    • Orientation waivers
    • Transcript evaluation requests
    • Graduation advising
    • Assistance with clearing prerequisites

 By appointment only - make an appointment  online

    • Develop an Educational Plan
      • Abbreviated, one-two semesters only (AEP)
      • Comprehensive, more than one semester, lists all classes required for your educational goal (CEP)
    • Review of transcripts from other schools
    • Assistance with applications for degree or certificate
    • Transfer Admission Guarantees (TAGs)
    • Major and career exploration
    • Probation and dismissal counseling
    • Disqualification or reinstatement counseling
    • Financial aid appeals
    • Personal counseling
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Fall Hours-Main Building

   Office & Walk-In Counseling
   Monday & Tuesday: 9am-7pm
   Wednesday & Thurs.: 9am-6pm
   Friday: 9am-12pm

   Monday - Thurs.: 7:30am-6:30pm
   Friday: 9:30am-3:30pm 
   Note: Closed  Nov. 23, 24

   December 18 - 22
   Monday - Friday: 10am-2pm

Winter Hours-SEC Building

   January 2 - January 12
Monday & Tuesday: 9am-7pm
   Wednesday & Thurs.: 9am-6pm
   Friday: 9am-12pm

   January 15 - January 27
   Monday - Thursday: 9am-7pm
    Friday: 9am-12pm
   Saturday (Jan. 27 only): 10-2pm

   Monday - Thurs.: 8:00am-6:30pm
   Friday: 9:00am-3:30pm 

  • Location: Main Building, room E1-301 (East wall, first floor)
  • Phone: (408) 855-5030 or (408) 855-5034
  • Online: Make, cancel or review an appointment online.
  • In-Person: Visit the office and use the self-service kiosk or ask the clerk.
  • Phone: (408) 855-5030 or (408) 855-5034
  • Note: Students must have a student ID number to make an appointment. To obtain a Mission College ID, complete the Application for Admission.
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Service Area Outcomes

There’s a lot we want to help you with but here are just two of our goals!

  • SAO 1: New, incoming transfer/degree/certificate seeking students will obtain an AEP (abbreviated educational plan) or CEP (complete educational plan) by the time they complete three semesters or 15 units.
  • SAO 2: Students with immediate educational and career counseling needs will have their issue(s) resolved through walk-in counseling services or they will be given guidance on what to do next.