Embedded Tutoring

Students being tutored.
What is Embedded Tutoring? 

The Embedded Tutoring program at Mission College focuses on using embedded tutors to provide more individualized attention and assistance during class activities and to motivate students’ participation and engagement in a classroom setting. Embedded tutoring is a form of Supplemental Instruction (SI), based on the model developed at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. In embedded tutoring, a tutor works in the classroom under the instructor's guidance to help students understand course concepts and enhance student engagement. The tutor may attend all, or only certain class meeting days each week. In the classroom, the tutor functions as:

  • a peer tutor, providing support to students as they work with the class content and texts.
  • a mentor, helping students foster connections with support services
  • a model student, demonstrating effective student behaviors and successful academic habits
In the classroom or lab, the Embedded Tutor may engage in the following types of activities:
  • help facilitate small group exercises or discussions
  • offer the perspective of an experienced student in class discussions
  • work with individual students who require additional support during class activities
  • assist students to learn how to effectively utilize software, tools, etc.
  • guide students, provide feedback and answer questions during in-class hands-on practice

Things the Embedded Tutor not permitted to do: 
  • teach new concepts the course instructor has not already introduced
  • lead the class without the instructor present
  • grade assignments
  • enforce class management or discipline policies
  • function as a personal assistant to the instructor

It is important for the course instructor to consider how the tutor will be engaged in class during each individual class meeting, and design class activities that include active tutor participation.

Focus Areas for Embedded Tutoring

The program provides peer-embedded support for a wide variety of courses in basic skills, transfer, STEM, and courses that lead to degrees or certificates.

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