David  Yang

Counselor, Student Support Services

David joined the Counseling team in August 2016. His passion is to support students in finding their passion to achieve their life goals and live out their dreams.


M.S. in Counselor Education, Sacramento State University
B.A. in History, Minor in Asian American Studies, U.C. Santa Barbara 

Fast Facts

David is a first generation college student and thoroughly enjoys his role in serving as an educator for other students of life who have a passion to learn. David loves Hip Hop and good music in general. In his spare time, he takes on Foodie adventures and is an avid wine and coffee lover. David also loves competition. His favorite teams that he supports are the San Diego Super Chargers and the Golden State Warriors. In addition to watching his favorite teams, in his spare time he mentors, coaches and trains athletes of all ages as well.  

Favorite Quote

Our relationships at the core, is what make us, what breaks us, and what builds us. So stay humble, stay honest, stay hungry. Build your legend. Live out your dreams. 


David Yang

David Yang
phone: 408-855-5032
email: david.yang@missioncollege.edu
office: SEC-133G