Elbina  Rafizadeh

Associate Faculty, Health Occupations

Elbina Rafizadeh has taught at Mission College since 2010. She has taught future nurses in the clinical setting, and now teaches Medical Terminology and Health and Lifestyles for Allied Health. She has worked in public health for 25 years prior to teaching at Mission College.


BSN California State University Long Beach
MSN San Jose State University

Courses Taught/Syllabi

Medical Terminology (AH003)
Health and Lifestyles (HED002)


Articles with www.myfreece.com
"Dying at Home: The Role of Hospice and Palliative Care" (2012)
"Aging, Spirituality, and Healthcare" (2011)
"Lifestyle Choices for Health: Meditation, Yoga, and Diet" (2011)
"End of Life: Understanding Pain of the Terminally Ill" (2012)
"Healthcare Delivery Comparison" (2012)
"Human Trafficking: Public Health Implications" (2012)
"Journaling for Stress and Disease Management" (2011)


California Pan-Ethnic Healthcare Network

American Public Health Association

Fast Facts

Elbina likes traveling to Italy, India, and the Philippines. She loves to garden, where her 3 cats abide.

Favorite Quote

"So when you fall of the horse, you get up and dust off and get back on again. Life is short." ~ Jim Harbaugh



Elbina Rafizadeh

Elbina Rafizadeh
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