Lusyna  Narvaez

lusyna.varvaez, AANAPISI Grant

Lusyna graduated from Mission College in 2015 with an A.S in Early Childhood Development. She is currently enrolled at Pacific Oaks College and is working on her B.A in Human Development specializing in Early Childhood and adolescents. She will be finished this fall. She recently was accepted into the Master's program also at Pacific Oaks in hopes of furthering her education. Lusyna was born and raised in San Jose, California where she resides with her husband and infant daughter. Although Lusyna joined the AANAPISI team back in April 2016, she is an alumna to Mission and provides a unique lens with her position. Prior to coming on board, Lusyna was working at a private preschool in Mountain View, CA. She is dedicated to providing the best possible service along with an upbeat attitude to help add to the Mission College Community.


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Lusyna Narvaez
phone: 408-855-5526
office: S2-101

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