Myo  Myint

Faculty, ESL

Myo Kyaw Myint has been at Mission College for nearly 15 years. He has served as ESL Department chair for about ten of those fifteen years and as the Language Arts Division chair from 2010 to 2012. Before coming to Mission College, he taught EFL at both Thailand and Burma for about 15 years so he has been in the profession for nearly 30 years. During those years, he has written numerous articles on language learning, public administration and other topics of interest in a wide variety of journals, magazines, and newspapers, such as The Bangkok Post, The Nation, The English Teaching Forum, and the International Journal of Computer and Engineering Management. In addition, he has given countless presentations at conferences such as TESOL and CATESOL both in the US and outside of the US.


M.A. in Linguistics and TEFL, Institute of Education, Myanmar
B.A. in English, Institute of Education, Myanmar  
Post Graduate studies in Public Administration at the National Institute of Development      Administration, Thailand

Courses Taught

During his tenure at Mission, Myo has taught all the courses in the ESL department including but not limited to reading and writing courses, grammar courses and reading and vocabulary courses. He has taught listening and speaking courses as well but much less frequently.

Fast Facts

Originally from Burma now known as Myanmar, Myo is a strong advocate for human rights and academic freedom. He is involved in a number of committees at Mission College and has served as an advisor for a number of student clubs. He is a published poet whose poem “Children” has been quoted in a recent book on Burma “Burma at the Turn of the Century” edited by Monique Skidmore. A devout Buddhist, he has a keen interest in utilizing meditation in the classroom to help students focus on their lessons and also to help them deal with anxiety and stress.    



Myo Myint

Myo Myint
phone: 408-855-5316
office: SEC-248Q