Nang  Lyo

Specialist II, Child Development

Nang has been teaching young children since 2001. She joined Mission College CDC in 2002. Nang has diverse experience in working with children of different ages (Infant/toddler & preschool) and children with special needs in different programs such as Head Start and Special Education Program. She enjoys working with children and their parents, collaborating with her colleagues and providing a healthy and safe environment for the children to grow, learn and have a good time.


B.S. Science, Arts& Science University, Rangoon, Burma ( Myanmar ) evaluated to equivalent B.S in U S.
California Child Development Site Supervisor and teacher permits
Completed training Program for Infant & toddler care (PITC)

Professional Memberships

Advisor for applying/ renewing child Development permit
Longevitology (Meditative healing – volunteer member) 

Fast Facts

Nang enjoys meditating, exercising, practicing yoga, dancing, and singing.  She relishes spending time with her husband and family, cooking, gardening, traveling, attending seminars, work shops and visiting friends and their temples.

Favorite Quote

"If a child can’t learn in the way we teach, we must teach in a way the child can learn- Ignacio Estrada



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Nang Lyo
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office: CDC