Kathy  Henderson

Instructor, Language Arts

Prior to joining Mission as an ESL adjunct instructor in 1996, Kathy taught in San Diego and the bay area, lived in Greece, and subsequently lived and taught in Iran and in Japan; so she is very familiar with the excitement and the difficulties of living and working in a strange place with a new language. She very much admires the ESL students at Mission, who have taken on the huge challenge of starting over in a new country. After serving as full-time coordinator for the Institute for International Studies, she became a full-time ESL faculty member and later Division Chair for Language Arts. Since July 2014, she has been serving as the Interim Dean for Liberal Studies and Language Arts.


Graduate work in Linguisics, California State University at San Diego
M.A. TESOL, University of San Francisco 
B.A Linguistics, University of California at San Diego

Fast Facts

When she is not at school, Kathy is slowly learning about organic gardening. Her family members are faithful customers of a local organic farm, which sends them a box of vegetables every week. Finding new recipes for vegetables is ongoing entertainment! She goes horseback riding at least once a week and enjoys hiking and camping while she is on vacation.





Kathy Henderson

Kathy Henderson
phone: 408-855-5113
email: kathy.henderson@wvm.edu
office: GC-337H