Administration / Deans
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Administration / Deans

First Name Last Name Title Department E-Mail Phone Location
Niall Adler Director Marketing & Public Relations 408-855-5127 SEC-348A
Richard Alfaro Dean Instruction and Student Services 408-855-5145 SEC-122A
Inez Barragan, M.Ed. Director HSI-STEM 408-855-5060 SEC-350B
Inge Bond Director Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness 408-855-5204 SEC-340D
Ajani Byrd Director EOPS 408-855-5190 SEC-148C
Ajani Byrd Director EOPS 408-855-5190 SEC-148C
David Ellis Director Silicon Valley Hi-Tech Apprenticeship Program 408-855-5210 SEC-340E
Maria Escobar Director Student Enrollment & Financial Services 408-855-5147 SEC-118D
Carol Ann Friedman Dean Nursing and Health Occupations 408-855-5579 GC-235H
Rob Gamble Director Workforce and Economic Development 408-855-5255 SEC-332A
Rachael Goldberg Director Student Government & Activities 408-855-5407 CC-231
Donna Hale Director CalWORKS 408-855-5226 SEC-150
Valerie Jensen Dean Language Arts and Library 408-855-5464 SEC-246C
Chigusa Katoku Director International Students 408-855-5025 SEC-111
Leandra Martin Vice President Office of Instruction 408-855-5182 SEC-333
Brian Miller Dean Humanities, Social Sciences, and Fine Arts 408-855-5247 GC-337
Omar Murillo Director AANAPISI Grant 408-855-5156 SEC-350A
Karin Navarro Director Child Development Center 408-855-5177 Child Development Center
Danny Nguyen Dean Instruction 408-855-5417 SEC-346B
Jeffrey Pallin Dean Business, Technology, and Kinesiology 408-855-5179 GC-217H
Daniel Peck President Mission College 408-855-5122 SEC-343
Edrina Rashidi Director MESA 408-855-5041 SEC-152
Manuel Salazar Director TRIO 408-855-5191 SEC-142
Ken Songco Director Student Equity & Success 408-855-5037 SEC-344A
Debra Williams Director DSPS 408-855-5089 CC-240