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Intentional Messaging and Open Dialogue

Call to Action: Intentional messaging and spaces for meaningful and open dialogue on a continuous, ongoing basis.

  • Spaces at a collegewide level, within discrete offices and areas, and spaces with our students.

Call to Action

Progress Report

Build Spaces for Open Dialogue

2021-2022 Actions Responsible Parties Status Completed
1. Continue Community Conversation with Students, both in person and online. Lusyna Narvez and faculty/staff/administator facilitators The Office of Student Equity and Success hosted three community conversations with students for this academic school year. The first one took place on Thursday October 21st which was virtual during the Fall 2021 semester. The topic of discussion  was around solidarity and what does it look like during this time. Classified staff member Lucia Moreno added to this presentation highlighting Undocumented Student Action Week. The second Community Conversation took place Thursday November 18th. The topic was students experience now having more in person interaction (face to face) as Mission College gears up for in person instruction in Spring 2022.  For spring 2022, Community Conversations was integrated with the Equity Mindset Conference which took place May 4th. This conversation solely focused on mental health and what worked for students here at Mission and what needed improvement.  Yes
2. Continue support to faculty/staff level affinity groups such as B.A.E, La Mision Colectiva, AAPI Group and emerging groups (i.e. LGBTQ, White Allies for Racial Justice, etc.) B.A.E, La Mision Colectiva, AAPI Affinity Group The AAPI Affinity Group was formed in Fall 2021. Funds were allocated from the SEA Program for activities supporing La Mision Colectiva, the AAPI Affinity Group, and B.A.E. Yes
3. Develop the plans for a dedicated Cross-Cultural Center space in the Student Engagement Center. Vice President Murillo and Cross Cultural Center work group: Andrew Soliz, Dr. Ashley Faris, Chigusa Katoku, Connor Keese, Dr. David Piper, Edrina Rashidi, Inez Barragan, Brian Goo, Jackie Escajeda, Jorge Murillo, Lucia Moreno, Ken Songco, Nohemy Chavez, Qiana Houston, Rebecca Tran, Thuy Trang, Yolanda Barnes 

The Cross Cultural Center work group met in Summer 2021 to begin brainstorming on what the Cross Cultural Center would look like at Mission College. Due to capacity, efforts have been put on hold. However, the college is now reviewing a proposal  by Tarah Fleming from Start Dialog to lead the planning efforts. A decision will be made in Summer 2022 in regards to next steps. 

In Process
4. Sustain the Caring Campus initiative. Zita Melton, Jorge Murillo, Manuel Salazar The Caring Campus Initiative has been sustained through partnership with Caring Campus leaders and SLEI students who worked with them in Spring 2022 to survey students on how we can make Mission College a more caring campus. Feedback from the survey will be shared with the Office of Student Equity and Success the that information will be used to help inform activities to consider as part of the new 2022-25 Student Equity Plan  In Process
5. Continue support for campus wide gathering such as the Black and Brown Summit and the EquityMINDset Conference. Office of Student Equity and Success, Mental Health and Wellness Committee, Black and Brown Summit Planning Team The 2nd Annual Black and Brown Summit took place in October 2021. The 2nd Annual EquityMINDset Conference took place in May 2022.  Yes
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2020-21 Actions
2020-21 Actions Status
1. Statement of Solidarity Call to Action forum.
  • President Peck sent the statement of solidarity in May 2020. The statement denounces the continued racist and unjust treatment of people of color across our various institutions. The statement also expressed a renewed commitment to adopting a racial equity and social justice framework across all aspects of the college.
2. Call to Action Forum.
  • The initial call to action forum took place in June 2020 and allowed for an honest conversation on race, justice, and the institution’s commitment to this critical work. Representatives from all college groups participated.
3. Initial community conversation with students.
  • Completed in July 2020: Mission College hosted its first Community Conversation with Students in July 2020. Facilitated by Tony Santa Ana from Allied Path Consulting, students shared their experiences of confronting racism at Mission College. 
4. Facilitated Community Conversations across groups, two to four per term.
  • Mission College hosted its second Community Conversation with Students in November 2020. Co-facilitated by Tony Santa Ana from Allied Path Consulting and Ken Songco, Director of Student Equity and Success, students shared their experiences as we neared the Presidential Election while dealing with COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Spring 2021 Community Conversation with Students Series in progress: A group of faculty, classified, administrators, and students have come together to organize a series of community conversations for spring.
    • In the last community conversation in February, student leaders took the lead in facilitating a number of the group discussions, highlighting the importance of supporting student-led discussions at the college.
  • The college is committed to continuing the community conversations moving forward. Topics will vary based on the feedback from students as well as the political and social climate.
  • Our third Community Conversation with Students was held in February 2021 and the theme of this conversation focused on the meaning of success.
  • Our fourth Community Conversation with Students will be held on March 17 and the theme for this conversation will be on Students’ Experiences with Online Learning and Support. Reports for each conversation will be created and share campus wide.
5. Continue support for campus wide gathering such as the Black and Brown Summit and the EquityMINDset Conference.
  • Office of Student Equity and Success, Mental Health and Wellness Committee, Black and Brown Summit Planning Team