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Mission College Astronomy and Physics classes - in-person.

Physics Major at Mission

Explore How the Universe Behaves


As a Physics major, you'll explore the laws of nature and the relationship between energy and matter.

Physics deals with everything from subatomic particles to black holes and the overall structure of the universe.

Astronomy Classes
Physics Courses

Physics Classes
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Physics Degree

Physics Degree

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A young man with red hair and a NASA baseball hat adjusts a telescope for a Astronomy event on campus. He is smiling.

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Courses to Consider
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A tennis ball is seen in motion flinging water drops as it spins.
Mechanics (PHY 004A)

The first in a series of engineering Physics courses, is a calculus-based study of forces, energy and momentum.

A Tesla coil shoots bolts of electricity.Electricity, Magnetism, and Optics (PHY 002B)

The study of electricity, magnetism, geometrical and wave optics and atomic physics.

Hanging light bulbs.Light and Heat (PHY 004C)

The third course in engineering Physics series, study classical thermodynamics, geometrical/wave optics, and modern Physics.

Newton's Cradle - metallic balls suspended on cords demonstrate Physics concept.Intro to Physics (PHY 010)

A Conceptual course in Physics, including the development of fundamental concepts as applied to everyday phenomena.


A ball of energy with electricity beaming all over the place.
Atomic Physics (PHY 010)

An introduction to quantum Physics, the electronic structure of atoms, solids, band theory, radiation, and relativity.

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STEM Academic Support

Accelerated math classes, specialized support, STEM resources including tutoring. We have your back at Mission.

  • MESA - STEM skills & professional development.
  • STEM Core - accelerated math and support.
  • STEM Center - tutoring and assistance.
  • Honors - For highly-motivated students.

Jobs for Physics Majors
Skills Needed
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Data analysis
  • Communication of complex ideas
Select Jobs in the Field

Without the work of physicists, we wouldn't have x-rays, lasers, light bulbs, microwaves, solar panels, televisions, airplanes, or computers. If you're considering the question "what can I do with a Physics degree?" You can do a lot. The following jobs are a few examples of jobs for Physics majors.

  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Astronomer
  • Computational Scientist
  • High School Physics Teacher
  • Materials Scientist
  • Research Scientist
  • Seismologist