Math Final Exam Tips

The final exam in your college Math course is an important portion of your overall grade. Check out these Math final exam tips to synthesize the topics, processes, techniques, and vocabulary learned in your course.

You can get an overview of what you have done, see the relationships among the topics, and see how they are related to previous Math classes. Also, you can anticipate what may arise in your next course.

Therefore, how to study for a Math final exam is vital. 

  • If you develop Math study tips throughout the semester, then studying for a final exam is mostly a matter of review. 
    • Review your previous Math tests.
    • Review your class notes.
    • Review your homework exercises.
    • Review the summary sheets that you've made.
    • Review the highlights in your Math textbook
  • Begin studying for your Math final exam at least two weeks before the exam. 
    • Get all your tests, notes, homework, etc. in order.
    • Schedule times each day to review the course material (see time management.)
    • Free your schedule from other responsibilities as much as this is possible.
    • Do not cram! If you wait until the last minute to study for finals, your studying will not be effective in addressing an entire semester's worth of Mathematics. 
  • Identify subject matter that you know well and topics that need more practice. 
    • Rework incorrect problems on previous Math exams.
    • Do addition practice problems in areas in which you are weak.
    • See a tutor in Academic Support Center if you need clarification or assistance with a problem. 
  • Take care of your physical health: You want to be in good health when you take your final exam. 
    • Get a proper amount of sleep: staying up too late to study may just wear you down.
    • Get proper physical exercise.
    • Eat properly. 
      • Eat a balanced diet.
      • Avoid over-eating: you don't want to feel sluggish while study for or taking your Math final exam.
      • Avoid under-eating: you need energy to study and think clearly.
      • Avoid excessive amounts of sugar and other junk foods.
      • Avoid excessive amounts of caffeine, alcohol or other drugs that will impair your capacity to think clearly. 
  • Take care of your mental health: Final exam time can be stressful, if you don't take care. 
    • Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep can cause stress.
    • Get enough exercise: physcial exercise can relieve and prevent mental stress.
    • Use relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, visualization, music.
    • Take relaxing study breaks.
    • Incorporate some recreational activities into your schedule; have some fun!

When your final exams are all finished, go out and celebrate!