Externship (practical training in a pharmacy)

Once the classroom portion of the program is completed students are sent to an externship, which is required by the state board of pharmacy. Our externship director works closely with students from the first day of the program to see which kind of pharmacy setting would best fit the student.

Students will be placed in a participating pharmacy which may include Kaiser, Valley Medical Clinics,  and Walgreen's, in addition to many specialty independent pharmacies.

Job Placement

During the program, students are trained both one-on-one and in team environments on how to obtain a pharmacy job during and after the program. A series of classes are designed to help students develop professional skills and prepare for pharmacy work.  The classes will cover resume preparation, interviewing skills, job search strategies, licensure and certification, and other career enhancement strategies.

At Mission College we thrive on students finding careers immediately after the program. With the help of our externship/ job placement director we can do that! In addition, the Job Resource Center offers career tools, such as interview tips and resume help as well as Pharmacy Technician job listings.

What Our Students Say

After so many years being a "stay-at home" mom, I finally had the courage to get back to school and learned a new career as a Pharmacy Technician.  The program instructors went out of their way to help each and every student.  Learning a new career was not easy, but the teachers at Mission College Pharmacy Technician Program made it easier for people like me. Before my externship was over, I had landed a Pharmacy Technician job! Thanks Mission for giving me a new career.

- Jessica Nguyen, Program Graduate 

The program attended to everyone's needs. The instructors always stayed in touch with me even after I graduated. The job placement assistance helped me land a job in a pharmacy during the program which was a great experience for me. The whole aspect of the program was a great experience!!
 - Vicky Sharda, Program Graduate

Mission College is the best place for you to get your pharmacy Technician license! You get the best program, quality instructors, well placed externship training, and job placement assistance so finding a job is a breeze. Immediately after the program I got 2 jobs thanks to the job placement coordinator. Thank you Mission College! 
 - William Huang, Program Graduate Spring