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Tropical Ecology Field Journal

Tropical Ecology Field Journal - by Lani Yoshimoto


This site is a personal perspective view of how Mission College’s Tropical Ecology Course is more than just another class, this is an experience. Through this course, we had amazing opportunities to live with a family, learn about new plants, see exotic animals and view life through a whole new lens. A week-long trip to University of Georgia Costa Rica to help give an aspect that is simply not available anywhere else. 

A bit about who I am…

I am a student at Mission College with a passion for learning new viewpoints. Admittedly, this was the first real biology course that I have taken so I apologize if some of the terminology may sound confusing or simplistic. Prior to this course, I had no understanding of our ecosystem other than very basic concepts. 


This site is a personal observation as a student of the Mission College Tropical Ecology course. The content on this site is not what will happen every experience. Sessions, classes, and observations of this course will vary from person to person.