Honors Course and Program Eligibility

This information applies only to students joining the Honors Program in Spring 2023 or later. 

  • All students are eligible to take Honors courses after completing the intake form and joining the Honors Canvas group. These courses are designated as Honors courses on transcripts.
  • To gain recognition for completing the Honors PROGRAM, students must complete the Exit Criteria (see below).
  • Application deadline is the 2nd Tuesday of each semester.

Once you submit your information, allow up to one week to receive an invitation to join the Canvas Group. You will then be entered into the Honors Cohort and receive notification of eligibility to enroll in Honors courses.

To take Honors courses at West Valley College, you must apply separately on their Honors Transfer page.

Completion Criteria and Recognition Completion Critieria

Upon transfer or graduation, you must meet the following criteria to complete the Honors Program. 

All participants must achieve a minimum 3.25 cumulative GPA and meet the following criteria depending on level of recognition:

  • Level #1:  Honors Program Participant >
    • Nine Honors units with at least a "B" in all course work
    • Min six Honors units at MC
    • Participate in Honors Open House orientation* and at least one other Honors event*
    • Meet with Honors Counselor at least once during first term of Honors course work
  • Level #2:  Honors Program High Achievement  
    • 12 units with at least "B" in nine Honors units.
    • Min six units at MC
    • Participate in Honors Open House orientation* & at least 2 other Honors events*
    • Meet with Honors Counselor at least once
  • Level #3:  Honors Program Scholar  
    • 15 units (at least nine completed at MC)
    • Min "B" in at least 12 Honors units
    • Participate in Open House orientation*, at least 3 Honors events and meet with Honors Counselor in first and last semester of program.

If you cannot attend the Orientation and/or Honors events, you may either (a) view the recording and do a response assignment for the event, or (b) propose an alternative activity related to your Honors course work to fulfill the requirement. Recognition for Program Completion Upon completion of the program requirements, students transferring from or graduating from MC will be formally recognized in the following ways:

  • Graduation Ceremony:  Special individual recognition at graduation ceremony.
  • Special recognition on academic transcripts.
  • Written certificate of Honors Program Completion
  • Guaranteed letter of recommendation from Honors Counselor and/or Director.

Honors Scholar Requirements

As a member of the Honors Program, you have the opportunity to graduate as an Honors Scholar, one of the highest academic awards granted by Mission College. In addition, your Honors Scholar recognition will make you eligible for UCLA TAP and UCI Honors-to-Honors programs (UCI requires 3.7 GPA)