link Military Coursework Granted

Applying Military Credit

Six (6) semester units will be granted to any actively enrolled student with an approved DD-214 that shows completion of basic training in the Armed Services of the United States and any discharge other than dishonorable.

If you are a veteran, connect with the VALOR Center for assistance and specialized resources.

Approved DD-214 

An approved DD-214 will satisfy AA/AS General Education Area E and CSU GE-B Area E. Additional credit may be awarded for military service in accordance with recommendations by the American Council on Education (ACE Military Guide) via the Course Substitution process.

Please Note

Students are cautioned that any credits obtained by any of the methods listed in this section, while accepted by West Valley-Mission Community College District, may not be acceptable for credit by any other institution, public or private. Students are encouraged to check with that institution on the application of military credit.

To receive credit, documentation must be submitted to the Admissions & Records Office at