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Bob Miller

Bob Miller

Bob Miller


Phone: 408-855-5094
Department: Student Support Services

Serving Mission College Students in
The Counseling Center

Multilingual in Boomer, Senior Citizen, and English

Where I was a student

University of the Pacific

Educational & Psychological Counseling, M.A.
Psychology, B.A.

San Jose State and CSU, Fullerton

Additional graduate coursework

I'm motivated by

I am motivated by seeing students succeed. I have no strong passions currently.  My interests include science, wine, nature, people, and my children.

Privilege Acknowledgement

Having a significant hearing loss has put me at a disadvantage at times. Have worn hearing aids since I was 4 yrs. old. As a result, I learned lip reading at an early age. Up through elementary school I was made fun of and had very few friends. As a result, I was better than average in many sports activities which helped me to feel more included. I think having the hearing loss enables me to better relate to students with similar problems and have had many referred to me over the years. Grew up in lower middle-class family so learned the value of work at an early age. As noted above I have been working since I was about 8 yrs. old. I don’t feel I was ever given anything because of what I am, but it has also not held me back. I do feel that I have had to work hard to get where I am and what I have. As a white male, heterosexual, middle class individual I was part of the majority. Working for Santa Clara County Social Services and at Mission College, I have been part of the minority which is wonderful as I have learned so much about other peoples and cultures. I was fortunate that both my parents were college educated though working as teachers and counselors they didn’t make much money. Because they were both well educated, I grew up in a home environment that was rich in knowledge-based things.

Fun facts

In elementary school I won a flower arranging contest and yo-yo contests. I played piano, trumpet, and French horn.