Full-Time Faculty (Hospitality)

Scott Brunson

Scott Brunson

Full-Time Faculty (Hospitality)
Hospitality Management
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Office Location: HM 115

After five years each working in electronic manufacturing and liquefied gasses, Scott made the decision to go to the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, CA. It was a smart decision because it allowed him to pursue a career that he could love. Scott was the top grade point student in the class of 78 students.

This required not only cooking and pastry skills but service, management, food chemistry, and general culinary knowledge as well. He began his career as a baker in Los Gatos, CA working for a small independent bakery called the Icing On The Cake in 1990.

After working for one year and four months Scott made the decision to move his career forward by entering the world of corporate catering. He took a job as a grill cook working for Canteen Corp. at Digital Equipment Corp in Cupertino, CA. In only three months he was promoted to lead cook. In another 6 months he was transferred to a much larger account, GTE in Mountain View, CA and given the title of Executive Chef for the first time. Later Canteen made him Chef Manager and was given his own account to manage at UTC in San Jose.

There were some serious issues with the kitchen equipment and clientele at UTC so Scott decided to move on and took his first job as a Chef/Instructor at OICW in Menlo Park, CA. When he attended the CCA I was given the nickname "the professor" due to his extensive knowledge of food, wine, and science by my fellow students.

This led him in the direction of becoming a teacher. Scott taught at OICW for eight and a half years and really enjoyed his teaching. In 1999 Scott began working part-time teaching the basic food preparation class at Mission College, securing a full-time position in 2000.

At Mission College Scott teaches mostly hands on food preparation and baking classes in addition to two wine classes: an introduction to wines and spirits and a wine and food pairing class.


  • Certified Sommelier, Court of Master Sommeliers
  • Registered Instructor, NRAEF ServSafe Certification program
  • Valedictorian, California Culinary Academy, San Francisco
  • B.A. Environmental Biology
    • University of Colorado, Boulder

Courses Taught

  • FDRST 074 - Intermediate Baking and Confectionary
  • FDRST 078 - Advanced Baking and Pastry
  • FDRST 082 - Introduction to Chocolate and Confectionary
  • FDRST 079 - Introduction to Wine and Food Pairing
  • FDRST 081 - Introduction to Wines and Spirits of the World
  • FDRST 085 - Sustainable Operations for Hospitality Industry
  • FDRST 096 - Healthy Cuisine
  • INFDS 050 - Sanitation and Safety (ServSafe)

Fast Facts

Born in La Mesa, CA.Graduated High School from Tappan Zee HS in Orangeburg, NY.

When it comes to food Scott is a real generalist. he loves cooking all kinds of international cuisines and has very good baking and pastry skills as well. Wine is an important part of the hospitality business and is important in his personal life. One of the most rewarding things for Scott is having students that succeed in their hospitality careers.

When students let us know that they are opening their own restaurant or catering business or advancing their careers to a new level that lets him know the value of the program at Mission College.

In addition to his love for food and wine, Scott enjoys international travel, organic gardening, cycling, and swimming.