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Spring 2021: Details and Resources

Karl Ting

Karl Ting


Office Location: GC-114 / SEC-250
Department: Mathematics

Karl began his teaching career in 1972 with experience in elementary, junior high school, high school, and college level mathematics.  He started teaching at Mission College in 1992.   His interest remains with the foundation courses of Arithmetic, Math for Liberal Arts and transfer courses for computer science and engineering, Discrete Mathematics, Calculus, and Linear Algebra.  In any of his classes, a student will often hear him say, “It’s important to know why, and here is the connection.”   Although his professional title is a mathematics instructor, he has always been teacher.  He shapes minds and addresses the broader scope of mathematics in the classroom.

In addition, Karl has been the past president of the Santa Clara Valley Math Association with over 25 years of writing mathematical contests at the secondary level.  Although he is not as active as he once was, he remains networked with teachers who shape mathematics education in the state.  He continues to attend and speak at professional conferences at both the secondary and college level.  Education and the learning of mathematics is fluid; it has its ups and downs.  At any level, the search for an “Aha!” means we have to continue exploring.  Karl learns much and is inspired by his colleagues and students; it, too, has ups and downs; so he “keeps on trucking.” The last comment dates him, and yes, he is from the “old school”, but enjoys the “new school,” too.


M.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science, San Jose State University
B.A. in Mathematics, San Francisco State University
A.A. in Mathematics, College of San Mateo

Courses Taught

Math 910 Problem Solving in Mathematics
Math 901 Arithmetic Review
Math 900 Arithmetic Functions
Math 902 Pre-Algebra
Math 903 Elementary Algebra
Math 903M/MX Elementary Algebra for the MAPS program
Math 81H Honors Seminar in Mathematics
Math CM/CMX Intermediate Algebra for the MAPS program
Math B Plane Geometry
Math C Intermediate Algebra
Math CG Math for the Associate Degree
Math D Trigonometry
Math G Math for Liberal Arts
Math 1 College Algebra
Math 2 College Algebra and Trigonometry
Math 8 Finite Mathematics
Math 10 Elementary Statistics
Math 12 Calculus for Business and Social Sciences
Math 14 Math for Elementary School Teachers
Math 19 Discrete Mathematics
Math 3A Calculus I
Math 3B Calculus II
Math 4A Multivariable Calculus
Math 4B Differential Equations
Math 4C Linear Algebra

Fast Facts

With his wife, Mary, he is actively raising three children and keeping the wonderment of education an important part of their lives. He bikes, jogs, and is trying to get back to tennis. Two things on his bucket list are to complete another marathon and finally finish his "man cave" so his kids can find dad more easily.

Favorite Quote

"Life is not a polynomial" - Karl Ting