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Roshawn Walter


Roshawn Walter

Counselor (Umoja)

Phone: 408-855-5030
Office Location: SEC-139
Department: Counseling Services

Serving Mission College students in 
The Counseling Center 
and Umoja Community

Where I was a student

University of Southern California (USC)
Educational Counseling, M.Ed.

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Sociology, B.A.

El Camino College
Sociology, A.A.

I am motivated by

I am motivated by having the opportunity to serve as the person that I wish I had access to prior to my college journey.  Prior to my attending community college, I had no idea of the benefits and possibilities of attending college.  Upon my completion and unexpected transfer to UCLA from El Camino community college, I became much more knowledgeable and aware of how possible it is to achieve higher education.  Because of my unique experiences, I developed a burning desire to help guide and motivate other students along their educational journeys.

At-Promise Factors

Although I have a graduate degree, I encountered challenges that could have prevented me from succeeding.  According to Dr. Victor Rios, At-Promise students already possess the tools necessary to succeed in school, but just need support and assistance to utilize those tools.

Low-income family household
Single-parent household
Formerly incarcerated siblings
1st generation college student
Undecided student
Placed in remedial English and math courses when I began community college

Privilege Acknowledgment

Privilege is an unearned advantage that is highly valued but restricted to certain groups. Everyone has some form of privilege.  Acknowledging your privilege does not mean you believe you are better than others.  It is a way of demonstrating gratitude for an advantage you have and acknowledging that those without the advantage experience the world differently than you do.

Despite the variety of challenges that I had to encounter along my educational journey, I am privileged to have had the opportunity to dedicate myself to college full-time for seven years with no major life events or conditions that led me to having to postpone my educational and professional goals. I understand that many underserved students have a desire to enroll in college full-time but encounter ongoing life conditions that does not permit them to do so.

Fun Facts

As the first person in my family and amongst my peers to attend college, when I applied for the University of California Los Angeles, I had no idea that I was applying to “UCLA”. It was not until I received my acceptance letter during my last semester at community college when I realized I had applied to UCLA for transfer. This experience assured me that what is taken for granted as common sense to one student can be a miracle to the next student. It also inspires me to share my story to inspire other students who too may not be aware of certain opportunities that may appear as common sense to others.