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Shamiran Badal


Shamiran Badal

Counselor (DSPS)

Phone: 408-855-5085
Office Location: CC-240
Department: Counseling Services

Serving Mission College students in DSPS

Multilingual in Assyrian, Farsi, and German

Where I was a student

San Jose State University

Counselor Education, M.A.
Communicative Disorders and Sciences, B.A.

I am motivated by

Motivated by joyful moments of achievement on any scale and in any aspect of her life, Shamiran is passionate about meeting with students who are determined to make good changes in their academic and career endeavors. She loves to learning about new cultures, languages, and differences. She believes a successful community is made by people who have different abilities, passions, and perspectives.

At-Promise Factors

Although I have a graduate degree, I encountered challenges that could have prevented me from succeeding.  According to Dr. Victor Rios, At-Promise students already possess the tools necessary to succeed in school, but just need support and assistance to utilize those tools.

I had so many doubts and questions in mind when I started taking lower-division courses at
Mission and West Valley College. My dream was made with numerous obstacles and one passion.  However, I was very lucky to meet with good counselors and teachers. Their inspiration and support helped me to overcome the challenges and to hold on to my academic goal. I was an immigrant, first-generation, adult re-entry, and ESL student.

Privilege Acknowledgment

Privilege is an unearned advantage that is highly valued but restricted to certain groups. Everyone has some form of privilege. Acknowledging your privilege does not mean you believe you are better than others. It is a way of demonstrating gratitude for an advantage you have and acknowledging that those without the advantage experience the world differently than you do.

I have the privilege to meet with students on daily basis.  Each student's academic adventure is a unique opportunity for professional development.  We explore different resources together.  Active interaction with students is one of the most effective ways to look for achievement gaps.  My other privilege is to works with a team of experts who have high standards of care and student-centered support.

Fun Facts

I enjoy playing with my dog, walking in nature, playing the piano, and