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Video Conferencing Support

The West Valley-Mission Community College District has established a standard protocol for videoconferencing - ZOOM. Mission College has two ‘Zoom Room’ conference centers and several ‘Zoom Ready’ conference rooms. When you need to enable remote conferencing, there are several ways to do this using our Zoom Room Technology:

  1. The Zoom Room enables instant meetings. You can select another Zoom Room from a contact list, create a ZOOM Meeting URL and send that to others who will log into your meeting. This is the most powerful and easy-to-use ZOOM meeting facility.

  2. In a “Zoom Ready” Room, meetings are manually scheduled or started from the room account or a personal Zoom account. Guests then use the meeting I.D. to join the meeting. Personal Zoom Pro accounts are available to faculty and staff through the State CC Chancellors Office/”Confer Zoom” program: .  Any conference room or classroom is available for Zoom activities with the addition of a USB mic/webcam. ETS is happy to accommodate your conference needs – just let us know in advance with a work ticket.

  3. The built-in computer in the Zoom Ready Rooms enables use for any other webinar or web conferencing platform (GoToMeeting, CCCConfer, Cisco, etc.)