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Financial literacy is the ability to understand how money works. Mission College is dedicated to help students enhance their financial skills and make informed decisions about paying for college, saving and planning for the future. Check out the resources below, attend a workshop and learn how to take control of your money!

Mission College has partnered with the Excite Credit Union to present the following financial wellness workshops on campus.


 Workshop Schedule

Understanding Credit

Date and Location: TBD

Credit: Many want it, but how do you get it?
This session covers all aspects of becoming an educated credit consumer, including how lenders evaluate for credit approval, factors that impact credit qualification, how credit scoring works, and ways money management today impacts credit standing tomorrow.

Saving with Purpose

Date and Location: TBD

Saving money is much easier with a goal in mind. This workshop shows you how to choose the right goals for you and overcome the barriers to achieving them.

Stock Market Basics

Date and Location: TBD

Many financial planners say it is wise to invest in the stock market. Before you jump into the stock market, it's important to know that investing in stocks comes with risks.
This workshop provides the basics needed to get a clear understanding of the stock market, the risks involved, ways to reduce risks, how to buy stocks, and how to maintain your account.

Psychology of Spending

Date and Location: TBD

College education is the prime time for young adults to learn about finances and plan for their future. Attendees will learn about spending wisely, creating and managing their own budget and the physiological forces that impact spending. 

Increasing Your Budgeting and Credit IQ

In this program, students receive a ten-week series of text messages following an in-class workshop on basics of budgeting and credit.

Other Money Management Resources


Jobs, Earnings and Paychecks 
Budgeting and Saving 
Banking and Credit Cards
Identity Theft

Mission College has partnered with CashCourse to offer free financial education resources for students.

Through worksheets, calculators, quizzes and articles, CashCourse provides students the resources to build the financial skills they need to get through the college and prepare for their future financial lives.

Register for a FREE student account to get started.

During registration, select your state and school from the drop-down menu. You’ll be taken to Mission College’s customized CashCourse website, where you can:

  • Get answers to your money questions from financial experts;
  • Build a budget;
  • Create a student loan repayment strategy;
  • Prepare for life post-graduation;
  • Plan for retirement and much more!
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