link Regional Equity and Recovery Partnerships (RERP) grant

Regional Equity and Recovery Partnerships (RERP) grant

Mission College Awarded $125,000 Equity and Recovery Partnerships Grant

For Immediate Release: Friday, January 6, 2023

Mission College, Santa Clara, CA, Friday January 6, 2023 – Mission College has been awarded a Regional Equity and Recovery Partnerships (RERP) grant of more than $125,000 by the Workforce and Economic Development Division of the Chancellor’s Office to support one of the college’s newest career technical education programs that trains students to be high-demand and highly paid technicians on Industrial Automation in the Advanced Manufacturing industries encompassing Semiconductors, Electric Vehicles, Aerospace, Biotechnology, and many other fields.
Advanced Manufacturing makes use of highly sophisticated equipment in their assembly lines with robots and programmable logic controllers so that stations ‘talk’ to other stations via the internet, cloud storage and big data analytical tools.
The statewide funding investments for RERP grants between local workforce development board Regional Planning Units and community colleges such as Mission College intends to connect workers most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic to high-quality jobs in target and growth industry sectors. 
Mission College will use the funds to prepare students for an Associate’s Degree and a Certificate of Achievement in Mechatronic Technology, a multi-disciplinary field of study that takes a hands-on approach covering the most applicable topics in electrical, mechanical, software, and computer engineering. Students will leave the program being able to work with technical, mechanical, or diagnostic equipment; demonstrate written and verbal communication skills through technical documentation and oral presentations; as well as troubleshoot and repair systems and devices. 
“Mechatronics combines the principles of mechanics, engineering, and computing to create and improve new technology that contains artificial intelligence. This is the forward-thinking academic programs that Mission College looks to deliver to all of its students, so they are best prepared for the future,” Mission College President Dr. Seher Awan said.
Members of Mission College’s Mechatronics Advisory Board, such as representatives from Tesla and Applied Materials, are projecting strong future job demand in the key occupation in this sector of electro-mechanical and mechatronics technologists and technicians. From 2020 to 2025, the number of jobs in this occupation is forecast to grow by four percent, according to an April 2022 analysis by the County Office of Education. The COE is also projecting an undersupply of workers compared to the demand for these jobs in the Bay region and in Santa Clara County.  
Mission College will use some of the grant monies to especially focus its outreach for this program on veterans and will leverage the institutional resources of the college's Valor Veteran Center.
“This grant is critical as it will support veterans enrolled in our college to become adept in the field of mechatronics technologists and technicians. The quality of their work will be top notch and they will also begin to have access to jobs that will be in demand for many years to come,” said Dr. Clement Lam, Dean of Math, Science, and Engineering at Mission College. “We examined the economic needs in our community and saw that this field will make a true difference in the lives of our students, especially our veterans.” 
Mission College will be supported in this effort by the Bay Area Equity Collaborative, which includes the Bay Peninsula RPU and three other college partners, that will work together to build bridges to accessible training and career opportunities in industry sectors that will drive the global economy for years to come.