link Mission Solar Suitcases Going International

Mission Solar Suitcases Going International

Solar Suitcase Pictures in Kenya

Mission College is lighting up students, internationally.

A Kenyan elementary school is using solar suitcases, built on the Mission College campus to light its classrooms.

Schools in Muhuru Bay, Wondanga, and Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya previously lit their classrooms with generators or kerosene lanterns. They are now using the suitcases built by East Side Union High School students during a STEM summer camp, to power their classrooms.

Three of those suitcases were deployed to Kenya, helping 1000 students, and nine classrooms use solar for classroom instruction, study time, class prep, and powering mobile devices.

Principal George Owoko Ochieng said, “So many schools deserved (this)… you chose us. We want to say it’s an honor and a privilege that cannot be taken for granted.”

Mission partnered with We Share Solar, ESUDHS, Mission College’s HSI-STEM program during its Summer STEM camp to make this a reality.