link AANAPISI Grant Extended

AANAPISI Grant Extended

SANTA CLARA, Calif.-- Mission College in Santa Clara was awarded a $1.4 million AANAPISI grant over the next five years to continue its work serving Asian, Native American, and Pacific Islander students. This is the fourth AANAPISI grant awarded to Mission since 2010.

The grants have supported Mission College's Welcome Center, Peer Navigator program, embedded tutoring, and the STEM Learning Center.

This past summer the Welcome Center and its student ambassadors answered over 11,000 live chats (sometimes close to 200 a day) off the website. 

The STEM Center, prior to the Pandemic, was used by over 2500 students and visited over 23,000 times in recent years. From data collected, students who visited the STEM Center had a 3.3 cumulative GPA, and over 80 percent passed their courses. That's compared to the general population's numbers of a 3.0 GPA and 76 percent pass rate.

AANAPISI also partners with APIA Scholars and provided five to 10 scholarships annually.