link FireTech Video Wins Paragon Award

FireTech Video Wins Paragon Award

SANTA CLARA, Calif.—Mission College’s video on its Fire Tech program won the top prize at the 2019Paragon Awards for the nation’s best short-form Promotional Brand Video by the National Council for Marketing & Public Relations.

The video, produced by Danger Brain Productions, revolved around three FireTech students watching “their show” Mission: Fire Tech and learning what it takes to be a firefighter or EMT.

The video took viewers through its Von Raesfeld Family Fire Tower, how to stabilize a patient and how to use the equipment necessary to fight fires.

The video can be found here:

The video was actually a collaboration between Danger Brain and founder Bud Anderson, Mission College, and its FireTech program and Stanford’s continuing studies program on video production.

With a certificate or degree as a firefighter or EMT, Mission College’s program regularly sends graduates into the Santa Clara community to help others. More information is at

The Paragon Awards drew 1,939 total entries from 262 colleges.