link Program Review Committee Members

Nita Esparza (Chair); Communication Studies (Language Arts/Lib) 

Judie Golden; Computer Applications (Business, Technology & Kinesiology)

Daniel Arias; Hospitality Management (CTE, Apprenticeship, and Older Adults)

Lynn DellaPorta & Alicia Cruz; Health/Nursing (Health Occupations)

Tara Hardinge; Sociology (Humanities, Social Sciences, Fine Arts)

Valerie Jensen; Dean of Academic Services

Chau Nguyen; Counselor (Student Services)

Kristen Purdum; Mathematics (Math, Science, Engineering)

Manuel Salazar; TRIO (Student Services)

John Spencer; Academic Services

See Chan; Biology (Math, Science, Engineering)

Raiida Thompson; AANAPISI Program Analyst

Prachi Samant & Jamille Borer; Research Analysts (Research, Planning, & Institutional Effectiveness)

Frank Yeung; ASG Representative

* This committee meets most Fridays during the semester from 9:00 am-10:00 am on ZOOM