link Basic Skills Committee

Type of Committee: Constituent Group
Sub-Committee Reports to: Academic Senate

As a designee of the Academic Senate, the committee will:

a. develop strategies to help Mission College students succeed in identifying and achieving their educational goals;

b. make recommendations on the implementation of those strategies;

c. coordinate and implement those strategies;

d. provide the necessary integrated resources, services, learning environment and faculty training to support the implementation of basic skills strategies college-wide;

e. composition:

  • 1 faculty member from each of the basic skills departments (English, ESL, Reading, and Math);
  • 4 faculty at large (one each from the remaining divisions not represented by Basic Skills);
  • 2 staff (one from instruction and one from student services);
  • 1 representative from the Office of Research;
  • 1 student; 
  • BSI coordinator(s).