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Jack Tang

Mission College '16
San Jose State 
Major: Chemistry (concentration in Biochemistry)

At Mission College, I spent half of my day each weekday on campus.  My last two semesters were the best part of my Mission experience.  That year I found out about the STEM Center and after spending time there, made so many significant connections.  I became a STEM Mentor and the professors, staff, and counselors I met were really good.  I also made friends that helped me reach my goals.  We formed study groups and also a support group.  In the end I fulfilled my goals which were to pass my classes, make lots of connections, and prepare for university, all while having fun.

I transferred to San Jose State University in Fall 2016.  I'm looking for part-time work and trying to establish some of those significant connections here at SJSU.  It is really different at the university. University life is very fast paced.  SJSU is such a big campus it sometimes feels like no one wants to connect.  The only way to network is to reach way out. There are many more departments and "colleges" so it gets complicated; it took me awhile to figure it out.

Mission prepared me for transfer because you really have to be independent at universities. No one checks on you. You hold all the responsibility yourself. At Mission I took opportunities where I knew I could connect with others whether they were in my field or not. The pace at Mission was much more doable. The classes were spectacular because the professors and educators took time in helping, tutoring, and walking me through materials. The classes helped me form study habits and manage my schedule much better than before.

If I was back at Mission again, I would definitely use office hours more frequently because I feel that is key to success. At SJSU I've been relying on office hours and tutors, but I am still struggling with my classes. I would also take more time understanding learning materials because they will be the foundation when you move up into your major. Good advice I have is to be on top of your classes and learning materials because you should take advantage of the flexibility at Mission. Also connecting with people at the campus is a good building block when you move into a higher level of education. One important thing is also to keep being motivated or even get yourself motivated.  Motivation will really help bring you far!

About Jack:  The most interesting things about me are that I like to sing and dance. I like to socialize and hang-out with friends and others alike. I also am a gamer. But the most interesting thing about me might be that I'm not a studious or smart person, but rather a hardworking person; which in turn my friends think I'm smart.