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Talib Naqvi

Talib Naqvi

High School: Beaconhouse School System 

Mission College 
Transfer preparation in Computer Science 

San Francisco State University 
B.S. Computer Science, expected graduation May 2020 

"At Mission College I completed the necessary coursework to transfer.  I am now at San Francisco State University pursuing my B.S. in Computer Science. 

One of my best experiences at Mission was to go a spring break field trip to Southern California Universities.  The management of the event was on point.  Mission staff organized halal food for me and made sure the agenda was very punctual.  I was able to ask questions in person with the top universities in the world. The trip was socially and academically helpful for me to achieve my motivation. 

SFSU is almost the same in terms of students and their struggles for excellence.  The university is a place where you grow extraordinarily as a person and it also helps you to succeed with more opportunities.  Mission College prepared me well to punch all the oncoming challenges on their faces with sweetness.  Mission College has made me brave enough to accept reality and move forward with a smile. 

I am currently working in a startup called KidsToPros as a teacher for coding, circuits and robotics classes and I also coach cricket and soccer to elementary school students. 

Students are like flowers they look for sunshine (good teachers) and water (good guidance) to leave a fragrance (become who they want).  There is a famous quote “When the world pushes you to your knees, you’re in the perfect position to pray.”  Never lose hope when you are at a right place with a good intention. Feel free to discuss and share your ideas. Have faith in yourself because no one can defeat you unless you accept the defeat. Grades are important but not more important than your mental and physical health.  Be safe and be healthy. 

If I could do it over again, I will surely run after professors for their guidance as they are the best in their fields.  Share thoughts, laugh and have fun because this is the time to enjoy the life to the fullest.