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Narinda Kaur

Mission College '16
AA – Liberal Arts (Natural Science & Math), May 2016
AS – Physical Science, May 2016
AS – Biological Science, May 2016
Pharmacy Technician certificate
San Francisco State 
Cell and Molecular Biology
High School: San Jose High Academy

I am currently a student at SFSU, and I am majoring in Cell and Molecular Biology. I have earned three degrees at Mission and also got my Pharmacy Technician license through the Mission Community Ed program.

It was a great new experience after I transferred and very motivational also. My grades got much better; I study more often now than I used to. I am capable of taking and handling more units than I usually do. For example, last semester was my first semester at SFSU and I took about 24 units. It was a great learning experience. No matter how smart you are 24 units is a lot of work. I was a bit tired but I pulled it through that whole semester, and I loved it.

One difference between community college and university is that we do get engage more on a one-on-one basis with our professors. We learn new things, educationally, and also by being active in clubs and programs. I've had the opportunity to engage with new people, learning their lifestyles. There are many different jobs and internship opportunities. And I have been given the opportunity to participate in research activities with my professors. Also the libraries are open 24/7 at SFSU and there are additional support services such as computer access, printing services, and assistants that can help you do research for papers.

At first, when I started Mission College I didn't know what classes to take for my particular major. At that moment, I was afraid of asking people because of what they might think of me if I asked them certain questions. I was new to this country, new to the college environment. Everyone was new to me, and I didn't know to whom should I go if I need help. In comparison to now I am more confident. I know a lot more administrative stuff than I used to. I can help many students if they need guidance in picking their classes, or looking for something on campus, or even just something they are worried about. I have gained a lot of experience since the time I started till now, and I will keep on learning things and helping others.

My advice to other students is do not overload yourself by taking so many units. Talk to your teachers more often even if you don't have any question. Just go to their office hours and say hi. When our professors recognize us by face we tend to do much better in our classes. Take the advantages of clubs and associations after transfer. Those things help build your resume. Try to get involved in few activities; it's one way of getting to know people from your field.

Everything that I learned at Mission College was helpful. I wish while I was at Mission I would have been more involved into clubs and other activities, than just taking classes. I should have learned more about the other schools that I wanted to transfer to so I would have been more prepared when I got there. I didn't visit the campus before I transferred so this is one of the things that I would wanted to do, and also I didn't apply to scholarships.