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Nathania Isnandar

Mission College 2019

There are three main things about how Mission College helped me succeed. First, my accounting professor, Professor Tseng, really helped me figure out what kind of accounting career I would like to pursue. It was very beneficial because she cared a lot and was willing to share her experience working in public accounting.

She also helped me secure my very first part-time job in accounting, which was a great experience and a great addition to my resume. All professors I had at Mission College were always available whenever I wanted to ask questions about the courses or accounting careers.

Second, Mission college allowed me to work as a tutor for the Academic Support Center. It not only helped me build a stronger foundation in financial accounting, but I was also able to work with many different people and create new friends. Finally, Mission College helped me got into SJSU for its accounting graduate program and received a job offer from Deloitte.

Financial Accounting class is very memorable because it was the time when I fell in love with the accounting subject and wanted to become a CPA. I learned for the first time about the financial report, also the importance of ethics and integrity in the business world.

 I earned my bachelor's degree in Music Performance, and becoming a CPA was challenging because I needed many hours of business and accounting subjects to be eligible for the CPA exam.

Before starting the accounting graduate program at SJSU, I was able to complete many business-related courses such as statistics, economics, business law, and business calculus at Mission College, and all of these courses will count toward the CPA education requirements.