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Edgar Baculi


Mission College '16
Biological Sciences
UC Davis:
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
High School: Independence High School
Hometown: San Jose

My Major at Mission College was Biological Sciences and I transferred to Davis with the same major. However, I will be switching to Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the coming quarter! I am attending UC Davis and currently looking for work by applying for research positions and assistant positions in labs.

The best semesters of Mission College were the last two I had before transferring. By applying to become a Peer Mentor, so many doors opened up for me. Not only was I able to meet an amazing group of friends, I was also able to connect with a professor, Dr. Winsome, and soon became her lab assistant that provided me with introductory experience working in a lab. Through the Peer Mentor program, I learned of the Student Leadership Engagement Institute which introduced me to very important topics of leadership and the meaning of equity. Overall, Mission College provided me with many opportunities to make connections with multiple passionate and inspirational professors, counselors, staff, and life-long friends.

Mission College prepared me very well for transfer. As I continue on in Week 2 of this quarter, I still remember being exposed to the material being taught by my professors in Mission College. Since class sizes are humongous compared to those in community college, finding friends and a study group can be a bit more intimidating. However, if you take the first step by introducing yourself to the students next to you and making a connection, many people in UC Davis are happy to make more friends! In Mission College, I was able to see the importance of office hours and will now, without any hesitation, attend those office hours as often as I need them. Also, classes (especially science classes) are extremely short (around 50 mins to 1hr 20 mins) compared to the 5 hours blocks we have in Mission! If I could do it all over again at Mission, I would attend office hours much more frequently to develop stronger relationships with my professors!

If you are transferring to a big university like UC Davis it can sometimes feel very alienating since many have already formed their group of friends. If there is one thing that you are interested in (which there will be), JOIN A CLUB! (Or maybe even start one!) I have joined the California Aggie Marching Band-uh! and even though it is only the 2nd week, I feel like I already have a family in this enormous campus. This not only provides me with more knowledge about classes and professors, but it also makes it easier to connect with other students that you might not yet know.

About Edgar: The most interesting thing about me is that I can play 5 different instruments and I am looking to learn even more instruments! My primary instrument is the piano and my secondary instrument is the clarinet. I also play guitar, drums, and ukulele!