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Nguyen Dinh and Stanford's SLAC


“This summer I got a chance to work at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC National Laboratory) as an intern, along with my fellows from Mission College and WPI in Massachusetts. My team and another team from UC Merced were creating a robot that could benefit SLAC by detecting unwanted objects and overheating objects in the accelerator’s tunnel.

During that time, my job was to help create software that controls the robot’s vision with thermal radiometric object detection. After one and a half month, I gained so much knowledge that I didn’t even know I could. Having an opportunity to solve a real-life problem is indescribable and worthwhile.

My teammates and I faced a lot of challenges throughout the internship but we enjoyed every second of it. Moreover, I got to learn more about the software engineering aspect, the working environment, the people, and especially myself.

All of this would not have happened if it had not been for the STEMCore program, helpful professors and staffs at Mission College. The internship gives me more insights about the technology life in the Bay Area and that would benefit my decisions in terms of education and career choice in the future. I cannot wait to explore more learning opportunities.”