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Campus Closures and Covid-19

As many of you know, the College restricted access to all students, staff, and faculty due to Covid-19. Procedures in regards to accessing campus is detailed in our Phases of Re-Opening and Spring 2021 info hub.

You can direct any questions about campus access to

Admissions & Records

Dear Colleagues:

Welcome to Spring 2021. I hope this finds you and your family well, safe, and healthy.  

The information below is to assist you as you prepare for the upcoming term.  

Short Term Courses

For dates associated with short-term courses, such as P/NP deadlines, if applicable, withdrawal deadlines, etc., refer to the 2021 Spring Instructor and Class Deadline attachment. You will also find this attachment at Mission College Calendars and Important Dates.

Classes Start
  • The first day for Saturday classes is Saturday, January 30, 2021.
  • The first day of Monday to Friday classes is Monday, February 1, 2021.
Wait Lists
  • Add codes, 20 coded per CRNS, will be generated the morning of Thursday, January 28, 2021. Should you need more contact Asmare Tadesse,, or at 408-855-5010.
  • Add codes will not become active until the first day of the term. Students will not be able to add into a class with an add code before the first day of the term and should not be handed out in advance.
  • Students can add a course via their My Mission Portal by using an add code through Sunday, February 14, 2021.
  • Direct students needing help adding into a class to Cranium Café for assistance from A&R staff. Or students can complete the Registration Add-Drop Form to for processing.  
Dropping Courses
  • The deadline for a student to drop, or for an instructor to drop a student without academic history recorded and to receive a full refund is on Sunday, February 14, 2021.
  • Students dropped after census will receive a “W” and will not be eligible for a refund.
  • Friday, April 30, 2021 is the deadline for a student to be dropped from a full-term course with a “W.” Neither a student or faculty member can drop a student after this deadline; a final grade is required.
Census Rosters
  • Submit census rosters not submitted by the census submission deadline immediately after the deadline.
  • Late census rosters require signatures of both the instructor of record and respective division dean.
  • Route late census rosters, indicating any drop, via DocuSign with instructor and dean signatures, to Nitha Vasquez in Admissions & Records.
  • See the attached “Getting to and Using DocuSign” handout for guidance on how to access DocuSign.
  • For assistance with census submissions, contact:
Late census rosters
  • Census rosters not submitted by the census submission deadline are to be submitted immediately after the
  • Late census rosters require signatures of both the instructor of record and respective division
  • Late census rosters, indicating any drops, are to be routed via DocuSign for instructor and dean signatures, with a copy sent to Nitha Vasquez in Admissions & See the attached “Getting to and Using DocuSign” handout for guidance on how to access DocuSign.  
  • For assistance with census submissions contact:
Post Census Adds

Late adds after census are to be submitted electronically via DocuSign, using this suggested process:

  • Instructor accesses and completes Registration Add-Drop Form, Post Census Add Form.
  • Instructor routes the Registration Add-Drop Form for signatures as follows:
    1. Student
    2. Instructor
    3. Division Dean

Submit to for processing.

Auditing a class
  • For spring 2021, students can register to audit a full-term class, if the course is auditable starting on February 17, 2021.
  • A student must receive the instructor’s written permission to audit.
    • The student submits the signed Course Section Audit Request form to A $15.00 per unit charge will be assessed. (NOTE: the audit fee is set by the State of California.)
  • Auditing a course allows the student to be an observer and not a participant in the class.
  • Concurrent Enrollment/high school students are not allowed to audit Mission courses.
Pass/No Pass Option
  • The deadline for students to submit a P/NP Grade Option Form for full-term courses is Monday, March 8, 2021.
  • Faculty are required to submit a letter grade for each student enrolled in their courses unless the course is being taken as a P/NP course.
W Rosters
  • The “W” or Withdrawal rosters are due on Friday, April 30, 2021.
  • Faculty are to clean up their rosters and drop any students that have stopped participating prior to or by this A grade notation is required for every student enrolled in the course after this date.
  • Students dropped from Positive Attendance courses require both the last date of attendance and hours attended though the last date of attendance.
Final Grades
  • Grades, and positive attendance hours, if applicable, are to be submitted electronically via the My Mission Portal.
  • Instructors teaching positive attendance courses are to submit sign-in sheets, in electronic format, to
  • Late grade submissions prevent:
    • running the of end of term processes; posting grades to academic history; updating academic standing; identifying students that do not meet prerequisites for the next term; evaluating for continued financial aid eligibility, producing official transcripts for transferring students, etc.
  • Grade submission deadline for fall 2020 is June 2, 2021 five(5) calendar days after the end of the term per the Faculty Handbook.
Incomplete Grades
  • Instructors assigning incomplete grades are to submit a completed Incomplete Grade form with both student and instructor signatures and submit to
  • Students are to complete the course within a year of the term when the incomplete grade is assigned.
  • Unless the instructor submits a Grade Change form assigning a new final grade the incomplete grade will automatically convert to an F as the final grade.
Using DocuSign
Important Dates
  • February 14: Last day to add a full-term course with an add code. Last day a student can add into a full-term course online using an add code.
  • February 14: Drop with no “W” on record, full refund given. Last day students can drop full-term course (s) without a “W” on record and receive a full refund.
  • February 16: Census date. Faculty to electronically report enrollment in course(s) as of this Clean up roster. Drop students that have not attended.
  • March 8: Deadline for student so submit P/NP grade change form.
  • April 30: Drop with a “W” on record. Last day students can drop full-term course (s). A “W” will appear on record.
  • May 22-28: Finals.
  • June 2: Final grades due.
  • June 2: Incomplete Grade Forms due.