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Group of multi-racial and male/female students pose in a group outside on the Mission College campus.

Social Justice

Equity and Success at Mission

Social Justice is needed now more than ever. For some students, this is a first step to a law degree or a career in social services.

If you think, "this isn't right," that there is a problem in society and you want to make a difference, take a look at our degree or courses. This might be a start to a rewarding career or experience.

Social Justice is a combination of anthropology, economics, psychology, political science and sociology. If you are taking one or many of these classes, you just might already be a quarter of the way to earning a Social Justice degree.

Online, evening and day classes are available. With a degree, you can:

  • Earn a transferrable degree to a four-year university.
  • Use it as a pathway to activism, a career in social services or in law.
  • Classes can be taken out of sequence.

Mission College believes in the Equity Framework and encourages students to explore more.

Speakers Who Spoke Out on Campus

walker speaking

Rebecca Walker

Walker is a feminist writer and activist and daughter of Pulitzer Prize winner, Alice Walker

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west and john mosby hugging

Dr. Cornell West

 An American philosopher, West focused on the role of race, gender and class in American society.

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rios speaking

Dr. Victor Rios

An Oakland native, Rios earned a Masters and Ph.D. from Cal after being surrounded by drugs and gangs and at one point dropping out of school

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davis speaking

Dr. Angela Davis

Noted as a Marxist feminist, Davis was born in Alabama, studied in Germany and has focused on the abolition of prisions.

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cruz speaking

Dr. Cesar Cruz

 An undocumented immigrant, Cruz studied at Harvard and Cal and is a gang violence prevention advocate.

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kabotie playing a flute

Ed Kabotie

 Kabotie is a Hopi musician, poet and activist  from the Tewa village in Northern New Mexico, who talks freely about the experience of Native Americans.

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dumas speaking

Firoozeh Dumas

 An Iranian-American writer who wrote about growing up Iranian in America.

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