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Types of Learning Styles 

Different people learn differently. As a student you should be aware of your own learning style. There is a good computer program in the Math Learning Center that can help you to assess your own learning style. See a MLC staff member for assistance.

  1. Visual Learners: These people learn best through seeing and 
    • like to view diagrams, charts, videos, pictures, and examples.
    • pay attention to body language, and facial expressions of tutors. 
    • Tutoring advice for visual learners:
      • draw diagrams or sketches when setting up math problems.
      • use color to highlight important points in the textbook and lecture notes.
      • use multimeida resources in the MLC (internet, videotapes, CD-ROMs,graphing utilities)
      • study in a quiet place with little noise and conversation.
      • visualize information as a picture to aid memorization. 
  2. Auditory Learners: These people learn best through hearing and 
    • benefit from oral lectures, discussions and listening to others.
    • interpreting the underlying meaning in tone of voice, pitch and rate of speech.
    • are sensitive to unclarity of speech. 
    • Tutoring advice for auditory learners:
      • work in a study group.
      • create musical jingles to aid memorization.
      • discuss and explain math concepts to others.
      • read the textbook aloud. 
  3. Tactile/Kinesthetic Learners: These people learn best through moving, doing and touching and 
    • prefer a hands-on, exploratory approach.
    • like to manipulate objects.
    • may find it difficult to sit still for long periods. 
    • Tutoring advice for tactile/kinesthetic learners:
      • take frequent study breaks.
      • move around or stand up while studying.
      • use bright colors to highlight important points.
      • listen to relaxing music while studying. 
Assessing Learning Styles

The learning styles listed above are common to us all, however, many of us have one style that is dominant.

In the Math Learning Center, we have a Learning Styles Inventory that every tutor should take in order to find out your own learning style and thus your own tutoring style. This will help you to be a better tutor and help you to realize that the way you learn and the way a tutee learns may not be the same.

In addition, you can encourage your tutees to take the inventory as well, so that they can understand their own ways of learning and thus improve their study and classroom habits.

Ask the MCL staff to show you the details of how to take the Learning Styles Inventory.

Learning styles are related to multiple intelligences, or ways that we learn and demonstrate our intellectual abilities. Click on the link to learn more.