link Who's My Counselor? Find Out How to Choose.

Who's My Counselor?

All students need a counselor and it's good to have options.

Benefits of working with a counselor include creating an educational plan, building a relationship, receiving academic support and career development, exploring a major/s, working on your personal development, and getting transfer help. 

Choosing a Counselor

Students can choose to see any counselor. You may select someone based on your Major & Career Path (including transfer plans.) If you're undecided, pick a counselor marked "Exploratory" in the tables below.

You may also choose a counselor based on your participation in one of our awesome student support programs. These include DSPS, CalWorks, International, Veterans, EOPS/CARE​, TRiO-SSS, TRiO-SSS STEM, MESA, Puente, STEMCORE, Athletics, Honors, and Umoja​.

Schedule an appointment today via Cranium Cafe! Note that during peak periods, you may need to wait for an appointment but can chat live with a counselor to receive help to urgent questions!

Use the Following Interactive Decision Tree for Help

If a counselor who speaks your native language is not available, we apologize for the inconvenience. Please reach out to us for options.

If you'd like to start the decision tree below over, refresh this webpage.

Full-Time Faculty's Languages and Associations
Counselor Name Affiliations
Yolanda Barnes Articulation, Honors
Melodie Cameron DSPS, VALOR/Veterans
Nohemy Chavez Spanish, Public Service & Social Science
Priyanka Dinesh Kannada, Hindi, Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM)
Bianka Guardino Assyrian, Farsi, Business & Hospitality
Michele Hittleman Language & Liberal Arts
Theresa Lawhead Art & Design
Alicia Martinez Spanish, Articulation, Art & Design, Language & Liberal Arts
Veronica Mendoza Hand Spanish, Puente, Art & Design, Language & Liberal Arts
Chau Nguyen Vietnamese, Exploratory
Gaozong Park Hmong, International, Business & Hospitality
Marcelo Sanchez Honors, Public Service & Social Science
Rebecca Tran Transfer Center, Exploratory; Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM)
Theresa Tran Vietnamese, EOPS
Thuy Trang Vietnamese
Roshawn Walter Umoja, Health Science
David Yang Hmong, Health Science
Alejandro Zavala Spanish, EOPS
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Associate Faculty's Languages and Associations
Counselor Name Affiliations
Umera Ameen Athletics, Hindi, Urdu
Shamiran Badal Farsi, Assyrian, German, DSPS
Catrina Jamello-Mesa CalWORKs
MinhTuan Nguyen Vietnamese
Monica Nolasco Spanish, Career Training Education, Health Science
Cathy Patel Thai, DSPS
Miguel Zaragoza TRiO-SSS/TRiO-SSS STEM
Bob Miller The Counseling Center
Carol Beck The Counseling Center
Phuong Nguyen Vietnamese, The Counseling Center
Rebeca Sanchez Spanish, The Counseling Center
Elizabeth Flores Spanish
Emilio Francisco The Counseling Center
Alma Garcia
Spanish, The Counseling Center
Betty Inoue The Counseling Center
Kathleen Melendez The Counseling Center
Manija Ansari Farsi (Dari), German, Russian, VALOR
Dona Phan Vietnamese, The Counseling Center, EOPS, STEM
Dr. David Piper The Counseling Center
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