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Mission College - Business and Culture Study Abroad Summer 2022.

Business and Culture in Japan

Study for a week in June 2022. Email for details.

Scholarships are Available


The program is designed to provide insight into how Japan has emerged an important player in the global economy by embracing both futuristic innovation and ancient tradition.

Connect with Japanese business leaders in Tokyo and Nagoya for glimpses into what drives its tech-driven economy. Immerse yourself in traditional Japanese culture, art and food with authentic experiences in Kyoto and Osaka. En route, enjoy breathtaking natural beauty—and glimpses of Mt. Fuji.


Taste Okonomiyaki during your explorations of Osaka—Japan’s foodie capital. This versatile savory pancake is the star of Japanese street food.

Osaka food street in Japan with lots of people walking briskly with open shops and restaurants on both sides of the street.