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Accounting Career Options

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Careers in Accounting

Career Options for Mission College graduates in accounting:
  • Accountant (B)
  • Accounts Payable Clerk (AS)
  • Accounts Receivable Clerk (AS)
  • Actuary (B)
  • Auditor (B)
  • Bank Officer (AS/B)
  • Bookkeeper (V/AS)
  • Budget Accountant (B)
  • Business Systems Analyst (B)
  • Consolidation Accountant / Manager (B)
  • Cost Accountant (B)
  • Credit Manager (AS/B)
  • Data Scientist (B)
  • Educator (B/D)
  • Financial Analyst (B)
  • Financial Planner (B)
  • Fixed Assets Accountant (AS/B)
  • General Ledger Accountant (B)
  • Insurance Agent (V/B)
  • Internal Auditor (B)
  • Internal Revenue Agent (B)
  • International Accountant (B)
  • Investment Banker (B)
  • Management Accountant (B)
  • Management Consultant (B/M)
  • Payroll Processor (AS)
  • Public Accountant (B)
  • Purchasing Agent (B)
  • Research Analyst (B)
  • Statistician (B)
  • Tax Accountant (AS/B)
  • Tax Specialist/Preparer (V/B)
  • Treasurer (B)
  • Underwriter (B)

generally required
(AS) Associate degree
(B) Bachelor's degree
(V) Vocational training

(M) Master's degree required
(D) Doctoral degree preferred