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Motorcycle Training

Community Education at Mission College with Two Wheel Safety Training (TWST) offers the Motorcyclist Training Course at Mission College! TWST is a motorcycle riding school, contracted by the California Motorcyclist Safety Program (CMSP) and the Total Control Training to provide basic rider and experienced rider motorcycle instruction.

Registering For The Class

Call 510-784-8978. For more information please see the TWST website.

The instruction provided by a CMSP training site is monitored relative to program content, instructor credentials and competence, and adherence to the Rules and Procedures set forth by the CMSP. Our site, like all the others in California is subject to several Technical Assistance Reviews (TARs) each year to ensure that we are meeting the requirements and goals of the program.

There are both written and riding examinations to verify your comprehension of the material which is covered in the basic course. Both of these examinations must be passed.

After successful completion of the Motorcyclist Training Course you will be issued a California DMV form DL389. With this form, after passing the DMV's written motorcyclist examination, you will qualify for an M1 motorcycle license.


Before the start of the first classroom session you must provide proof of

  • a valid driver's license OR
  • a valid learner's permit OR
  • a certificate showing successful completion of the classroom portion of driver's education.

TWST, like all other CMSP approved sites, provides you with both the motorcycle and helmet for the class You may optionally use your own helmet if it is DOT approved and has a face shield or other eye protection. The motorcycles provided are usually from 125cc to 250 cc.

For the riding portion of the course you must be wearing long pants, boots that cover the ankles, full-fingered gloves and a long sleeve shirt. Sunglasses come in handy on bright days, but they are not required. Classes are taught in private, paved locations with no interfering traffic.