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Frequently Asked Questions - Global Marketing

Q: How fast can I complete the online program?    

A: You can complete the online program in one quarter. It is recommended that you enroll for the entire program (8 courses - Two Five-Week Sessions) in a single quarter as the cohort model requires collaborating and interacting with other online participants to enable highly effective learning and to broaden your thinking with collective learning.

Q: How much do I need to know about online tools?

It’s very important that you’re comfortable using a personal computer (PC) to access online material and to collaborate and interact with your peers. To maximize the benefit of these classes, you should be proficient in using a PC to open Internet browsers and able to perform fundamental skills such as copy/paste/save. 

Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office products such as Word, Powerpoint, and Excel is required.

You should be familiar or become familiar with doing Quizzes and Exams online with a timed setting. You will have the opportunity to do a Sample Quiz to familiarize yourself with the online test taking with a timed setting.

Q: How much do I need to know about the subject of Marketing, Trade & Commerce and Digital Technologies?

A: For current students, you will need to have completed foundation courses in International Marketing and/or International Business and in your undergraduate or graduate studies. If you are a practicing International Marketing or Management Professional without a background education in Marketing, Trade & Commerce, a minimum of 2 years of international marketing experience is recommended.

Q: Will I be learning hands-on?

A: All required classes to earn the Global Digital Marketing, Trade & Commerce Certificate from CITD Center at Mission College will be held online. Instruction will be delivered via video, audio and text materials. In addition, you will be required to collaborate and interact with other students to complete case studies, papers, etc. This makes the class not only fun but it helps to broaden your mastery of Global Digital Marketing, Trade & Commerce skills.

Q: How is this program different from others?

A: CITD Center at Mission College’s Global Digital Marketing, Trade & Certficate program stands out for TWO reasons – (1) You will gain Global Digital Marketing, Trade & Commerce skills and knowledge that you can readily apply in the real-world (2) You will be assessed on application of Global Digital Marketing, Trade & Commerce concepts that you learn in projects, case studies and assignments. You may also opt to create a Global Digital Marketing, Trade & Commerce plan for your current employer, or for your own start-up business idea.  

Graduates of the Global Digital Marketing, Trade & Commerce Certificate Program will have learned not only current best practices but also how to leverage Digital Technologies to measure and achieve Digital Marketing, Trade & Commerce goals and objectives.