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The EHS offers raining at your site! Minimum class size is 9-11 attendees.

Hazard Communication Program

Two Hour Training

Meets the requirements of California Code of regulations, CCR – Subchapter 7. General Industry Safety Orders – Group 16. Control of Hazardous Substances – Article 109. Hazardous Substances and Processes.

Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for Hazard Communication

Four Hour Training Stand-Alone or 2 Hours When Combined with Hazard Communication Program.

The course is designed to be an overview of the new hazard classification and communication requirements in the Globally Harmonized System (GHS), Hazard Communication Program.

Topics Covered

  • Pictographs

  • Safety Data Sheets (formerly called MSDS)

  • New Standardized Format

  • Hazard Statements

  • Precautionary Statements

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher

Meets the requirement of Cal-OSHA, CCR, Title 8, Section 6151 by a combination of classroom training and hands-on operation of a fire extinguisher

Bloodborne Pathogens

Meets the requirements of California Code of regulations, CCR – Section 5193 – Subchapter 7. General Industry Safety Order – Group 16. – Control of Hazardous Substances §5193.

CEUs available for LVNs and RNs

Contact Hours available for REHS

Incident Command Systems (ICS) Basics

The OSHA HAZWOPER Standard requires facilities to utilize an Incident Command Management System when responding to events at their facility.

Workplace Violence Prevention/Active Shooter

Meets the requirements of Title 8 CCR Injury and Illness Prevention Workplace Security Federal and State OSHA General duty clause and the recommendations (Standards Pending)

Preparing for an OSHA Inspection

Do you know that Government agencies have authority to inspect your facilities?

This on-site technical assistance will cover:

  • What to Have in Place Before an Inspection

  • Steps for Handling an Inspection

  • Post-Inspection Considerations

What can I do to prepare for the inspection?

  • The Knock at the Door

  • The Opening Conference

  • The Walk Around

  • The Closing Conference

Forklift and Other Industrial Power Equipment Training Available
  • Forklift/Power Industrial Trucks, Engine & Electric
  • Aerial Lifts, Engine & Electric

  • Loaders

California Environmental Reporting System

California Environmental Reporting System

As of 2013 all California businesses that are required to report Unified Program data must do so electronically. This is mandated by the California Health & Safety Code and AB2286.

We can assist with navigating the CERS website, getting access and creating a CERS account, managing users, hazardous materials inventory, developing and uploading required site maps, and submission of data and documents to CERS Regulators.

OHD Qualitative Fit Testing

The CA EHS Training Center can conduct “Qualitative Fit Testing” that:

  • Utilizes Vacuum technology, no particle generator needed

  • Meets and exceeds OSHA Redon protocol 1910.134a (CNP) Controlled negative pressure

  • Utilizes Pre-Fit mode that give instant Fit Testing Efficacy

  • Saves time by pre-loading employee information

  • Can test to CBRN specifications

  • Prints results and Certificate on site

  • Software stores all required documentation, can generate reports and fit test results