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Program Specialist - Career Center


Andrew Soliz

Program Specialist
Career Services Center
(408) 855-5304
Office Location: SEC-122

Andrew Soliz is a Silicon Valley native. He worked in the grocery industry for half a decade and was in management while there. His love of helping people led him to a career path in job development. He currently serves as a Program Specialist in the Career Center.

In 2007 he resigned from his role in the grocery store to focus his efforts on education, and he started his journey into the field of job development and career services. He finished his undergraduate degree from San Jose State University and took up a position with the prestigious Career Center at San Jose State University.

He started as the Career & Internship Resource Coordinator which he held for three years in addition to running the front office. He was then promoted to the Employer Engagement Program Coordinator where he hosted the newly redone part-time & on campus job fair. He supported a lot of the top tier employers of Silicon Valley with their talent needs at San Jose State University.

In 2018 he started at Mission College where he has been building the newly formed Career Services Center. He has conducted many job fairs, tabling event, and company tours. He also enjoys being apart of the CTE Committee where he can engage with our facility on a personal level. Also, he is a part of the sustainability committee where he is able to get their support for donations of professional clothes for students.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Communications
    • San Jose State University
  • Associate of Arts
    • Evergreen Valley College

Fast Facts

While a staff member at San Jose State University, he got to meet some famous people such as Lisa J. Ling who is an American Journalist, television personality, and author. She is currently the host of This is Life on CNN. Also, he got to meet Anthony Kapel, also known as Van Jones, who is an American news and politics commentator, author, and lawyer. He is the co-founder of several non-profit organizations, a three-time New York Times bestselling author, a CNN host and contributor, and an Emmy Award winner.

Favorite Quote

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke