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Mission College is a public community college that strives to ensure students have access to resources to be successful.  The undocumented student population includes individuals without legal status, those with work authorization (DACA), and students whom are eligible for AB 540, AB 130 and AB 131. This population has unique needs and therefore, Mission College recognizes the need for resources.  This website serves as a hub of resources for students, faculty, staff and the community.

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What Immigrants Can Do Now

People should go to a legal services provider to be screened for any possible immigration options other than DACA they for which they may already eligible.

The ILRC has a comprehensive client intake form to assist practitioners in screening. It can be found online at https://www.ilrc.org/screening-immigration-relief-client-intake-form-and-notes.

The Immigration Advocates Network maintains a national directory of more than 950 free or low-cost nonprofit immigration legal services providers in all 50 states. It can be found online at https://www.immigrationlawhelp.org.

Community members should be warned of fraudulent service provider schemes and educated about how to seek competent immigration help. The ILRC has created community education flyers about this available in English and Spanish available online at https://www.ilrc.org/anti-fraud-flyers.

People should know their rights when in contact with an immigration agency.

The ILRC has created Red Cards to help both citizens and noncitizens defend themselves against constitutional violations during ICE raids. These cards provide citizens and noncitizens with information about how to assert their constitution rights and an explanation for ICE agents that the individuals are indeed asserting their constitutional rights. Go https://www.ilrc.org/red-cards for more information and contact us at redcards@ilrc.org to order.

The ILRC also has information about raids and immigrants’ rights available online at https://www.ilrc.org/community-resources

People should continue to avoid negative interaction with law enforcement. Something like a DUI or conviction related to drugs can have irreversible negative immigration consequences.

If filing to renew DACA, applicants need to be aware that the filing fee increases to $495 on December 23, 2016.

The Mission Asset Fund (http://missionassetfund.org/lending-circles-for-dreamers/), Self-Help Federal Credit Union (http://www.self-helpfcu.org/personal/loans/immigration-loans), the Mexican Consulate or local DACA service providers may have information about loans or grants to help with the filing fees.




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